Washington County Utah Recycling Or Is It?

Has Social Media Pressure Forced Washington County to Pull Recycling Program out of the Trash?

Local social media groups recently started spilling over with reports of local waste management agencies dumping Southern Utah residents’ recycling in with the unsorted trash.

Seems we’ve heard very little of the problem in the larger news publications. Tri-State Buzz has decided to dive into the pile and find out more about this dirty business.

Washington County Utah residents received their blue bins back in 2016. Back then the recycling company that Washington County contracted with, Rocky Mountain Recycling, raised their rates shortly after they were contracted.

Mayor Jon Pike of St. George Utah has asked Washington County folks to be patient while they sorted out the issues. Still, there is no denying that city officials have been trying to sweep this trash under the carpet.

Thanks to various social media groups, this problem is being heard. Some estimates put the amount of trash going to the Washington County landfill at about 1,800,000 lbs. per day—and none of it is being sorted.

In September of 2019, Washington County Solid Waste Board voted to award the recycling contract to Republic Services at a considerably higher price tag than before. Before the contract was awarded to Rocky Mountain Recycling, but then Rocky Mountain raised their rates $40.00 a ton, and had plan to increase their rates an additional $38.00 per ton, totaling $78.00 dollars per ton. Washington County Solid Waste decided that their price was too high. But here is where the story gets interesting. The Washington County Solid Waste board signed with Republic Services for $128.00 per ton. Only $50.00 per ton, more than what WCSW thought was too much to pay Rocky Mountain Recycling.

Meanwhile, all of our recycling, and those do-good-feelings of saving the planet, are beening very literally dumped out with the trash.

Check in with Tri-State Buzz to stay up to date on the issues facing Washington County Utah Recycling.

By Quinton Smith.

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